Your Privacy is Central.

Here at Gold Achievers Care, we understand that your situation is private. We take it upon ourselves to champion your privacy and independence with quality care staff who offer an excellent, compassionate service.

Our staff embody our ethos and are valued in the community, and they are part of our family of unique people seeking to offer the highest standard of care. Clients’ dignity and respect are at the forefront, and through an unfaltering service, we aim to provide their loved ones and families with comfortable, uninterrupted peace of mind.

Our Ethos

Maintaining our own first-hand experience caring for an individual within the home environment, we understand the importance of finding someone with the compassion and skill required to care for a loved one. 

We are changing the approach to the care system in the UK and implementing a people-first agenda. We want families and loved ones to take comfort in the knowledge that their loved ones will receive the best care available to them. 

Our highly trained and compassionate care staff are central to this ethos, and they are recognised, praised, and rewarded for their responsible attitude and work ethic. We understand that personal and reliable care is invaluable. 

Our service aims to offer the user the ability to remain in their own home for as long as possible, and we want all families to take comfort in the knowledge that their loved one is in capable, caring hands. 

We pride ourselves on possessing all the skills and knowledge required to enhance service users’ quality of care. We cater to the needs of individuals and their families to deliver a truly exceptional care service.


Our Beliefs

The following are a set of standards we always adhere to:

Kindness and Compassion

We always act with genuine kindness and compassion to provide the highest quality of care and client comfort.


Every client is treated with sincere dignity and sensitivity, no matter the circumstance.

Outstanding Care Quality

We guarantee that clients always receive the highest standard of care and tailor our service to the service users’ changing needs and requirements.

Reliability and Punctuality

We will constantly adhere to the client’s schedule and ensure a warm and genuine care experience.

Celebrate and Embrace Cultural Differences

We always welcome cultural differences and respect race, religion, and ethnicity. This includes appropriate dress and remaining respectful of the client’s home and surroundings.

Above and Beyond

We want to ensure complete client satisfaction. We will achieve this by remaining diligent and mindful of the client’s changing health and care requirements and going the extra mile to ensure we continually improve their quality of life.

Why should I choose Gold Achievers Care as my domiciliary care provider?

At Gold Achievers Care, we specialise in providing quality home care to adults in need and will ensure we carefully match carers to meet the needs of our clients, offering a tailored care service.

African American senior man in a wheelchair having support from his home caregiver.

Positive Recommendations

We are evolving and gaining momentum through word of mouth, gaining positive recommendations because of our consistent, quality service to our clients and carers.

Regulated Service

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and work in unison with Social Services Departments and health professionals.

Efficient Response

We have all procedures working effectively and efficiently on each client’s behalf with dependable support staff. We can commence work for a client within 24 to 48 hours of a request.

We Care for Our Carers

Gold Achievers Care understands that our carers will do an excellent job in their service if they are happy and confident in their abilities. As a result, training is an essential part of our carer induction process. We offer all new staff an induction training course, and they all come back for an annual update. They also receive specialist training throughout their time with us. 

We have a specialist carer support team who can offer assistance, advice and a listening ear to all of our carers should it be required.

Ready To Get Started?

We are ready to help. Give us a call to arrange a free Care Assessment for you or your loved one.

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