Live-in Care Services

Live-in Care

For many people, a home is reflective of their life. Somewhere that resembles family time, celebrations, and memories. The thought of leaving our homes can cause anxiety and stress, particularly when accompanied by reduced independence and the assumption that a nursing or care home is the only option available. 

Gold Achievers Care’s 24-hour live-in care service offers you the opportunity to have a healthcare assistant or support worker move into your home with you and provide a tailored care service, allowing you the freedom to remain independent and in the comfort your home provides. 

Whether you have complex care support needs or just need assistance with everyday tasks, our care staff can offer a bespoke service and provide both you and your loved ones with peace of mind. 

Unlike a care home, where individuals must be considered, live-in care is a personal one-on-one service adapted to the individual’s needs and requirements. 24-hour live-in care offers a flexible and dynamic service built around your routine and specific needs and is adaptable to changing circumstances. 

Sharing your home with someone can be a very personal matter. To maximise your sense of familiarity and comfort, our care team take extra care to match our staff to your situation and requests, as well as any clinical needs. To further enhance this, we ensure any staff in your home are fully briefed on your expectations and personal preferences.

Our care staff embody our respected reputation and are valued within the community. They want to deliver the highest standard of care and offer a genuine, compassionate, and patient service. All our clients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect, allowing their loved ones to enjoy the peace of mind this provides.

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