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Night Care

Sleep studies show how crucial a good night’s rest is not just for our daily performance but also for our physical and mental health. Restless nights can lead to more significant care requirements for people in vulnerable circumstances throughout the day. A poor night’s sleep can impact a person’s ability to conduct daily tasks and even lead to instability on the feet and an increase in clouded judgement. In some circumstances, poor sleep can lead to heightened feelings of isolation when catching up on sleep throughout the day. This can then lead to an individual’s inability to socialise with family and friends and engage at a normal level. 

Considering this, care and support throughout the night are just as critical as providing care throughout the day.

Our care staff embody our respected reputation and are valued within the community. They want to deliver the highest standard of care and offer a genuine, compassionate, and patient service. All our clients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect, allowing their loved ones to enjoy the peace of mind this provides.

A Flexible Night Care Service, Built Around You.

Gold Achievers Care empathises that your night care requirements can change because of your condition improving or deteriorating. We offer an adaptable and innovative night care service that can be regularly reviewed and amended at any time, depending on your needs. 

Our Night Care Service is often used following a stay in the hospital, a change in surroundings or personal circumstances. Commonly, you might be unsure of what level of night support you require, and, in this case, we will look to review and assess your needs over the introductory stage of the support. We will work closely with you and your family to ensure a safe and appropriate level of care is provided.

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