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Personal Care Services

Personal Care

In the face of illness or immobility, it can become harder to conduct everyday activities that you may have once performed with ease. Our sensitive personal care service is formulated to support you in daily living and provide you with the encouragement and emotional support you may need to live with independence. 

Gold Achievers Care’s Personal Care service can support you in daily activities, such as getting in and out of bed, dressing, medication administering, bathing and continence care at a time to suit you. Maintaining your dignity is paramount to us; hence, our carers will ensure you are always comfortable.


Our care staff embody our respected reputation and are valued within the community. They want to deliver the highest standard of care and offer a genuine, compassionate, and patient service. All our clients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect, allowing their loved ones to enjoy the peace of mind this provides.

Medication Assistance

It’s natural to forget your medication and encounter struggles with administering it correctly, which can put your health at risk. Gold Achievers Care’s Personal Care team will aid you with medication, ensuring you’re taking the correct dosage at the right time.

If you encounter difficulty taking your medication, our care staff may be able to help with administering, given a clear prescription to follow.


Our care staff are ready to support you with all hygiene and bathing requirements. They will assist you with physically getting in and out of the shower, and when required, with washing and drying. If you can wash independently, staff can sit with you and provide support, allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’re safe and supported.


We can fully support you with your urinary and faecal continence while upholding your dignity. Our care staff will assist with getting to and from the bathroom and, if needed, can monitor your personal hygiene, ensuring your health and comfort. Furthermore, staff can change catheter and stoma bags, incontinence pads, sheets and assist with washing and changing clothing. 


Some people may encounter difficulty with tasks such as doing buttons, tying laces, and pulling zips. You can rely on our personal care team to fully assist you with any aspects of getting dressed, allowing you to go about your day with confidence.

Bed Routine

Our team will work around your routine and can offer help with getting in and out of bed. We can also provide support with hoisting where required.

Meal Times

We will support you with all aspects of mealtimes. Whether a weekly shop, help with preparation or food management, our team will assist you.

Household Tasks

You will be supported with household duties such as laundry, vacuuming and washing up. Our care staff will be on hand to help when needed to ensure your independence.

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