Social Companionship Services

Social Companionship

Our homes are the embodiment of our safety, comfort, and happiness. They offer a space for authenticity and relaxation and are also where we have watched children grow up, and people come and go. It is natural once family members move out to struggle with loneliness and household tasks and become overwhelmed with having to do everything yourself. 

Our Social Companionship service provides you with the extra support you may need to carry on living independently. With the assistance of a healthcare or support worker, we can reduce daily task-related stress at a time that’s convenient to you. 

Gold Achievers Care Social Companionship service is best suited to individuals who will take solace in knowing that there is someone there to reassure and support them when needed. This service also offers families and loved ones the peace of mind that accompanies knowing their loved one is cared for. 

Our specifically selected carers match your personality and needs and provide conversation, company, and support with domestic and social tasks. We will arrange for you to meet with your carer before your service commences, allowing you to get to know them and ensure your happiness. 

Our care staff embody our respected reputation and are valued within the community. They want to deliver the highest standard of care and offer a genuine, compassionate, and patient service. All our clients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect, allowing their loved ones to enjoy the peace of mind this provides.

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