Who We Are

Here at Gold Achievers Care, we are building towards becoming the leading independent provider of support for people with learning difficulties, complex care needs, Autism, and mental health conditions in the UK. We deliver unmatched quality accommodation and support across the country, and our dynamic service allows and motivates people to reach their goals equipped with bespoke care solutions. 

We empower individuals through our services, whether they need round the clock support or limited assistance. Our staff provide a person-centred approach to care, with the client, their needs, and emotions at the centre of what we do. 

Our Aims and Objectives:

Here at Gold Achievers Care, we believe in:

  • Providing consistency, continuity, and quality support services,
  • Providing supportive assistance and making a genuine difference through encouraging independent choice,
  •  Developing our staff and providing fresh, challenging opportunities for work. 
  • Offering a safe and enabling environment for our service users,
  • Working in unison with individuals and their families and forming strong, professional, supportive relationships.

How we can help

People with learning difficulties and Autism can encounter struggles in everyday life. We like to take a proactive approach at Gold Achievers Care, and we encourage individuals to participate in meaningful and practical activities, exploring and celebrating their strengths and qualities. Through these activities, we can also highlight areas to develop with our clients, ensuring we are providing a comprehensive care package. 

We focus on preparing them for working life and exploring opportunities matched to their strengths, allowing them to develop their skills and independence. Clients receive professional assistance with such tasks. Through these practices, we believe we encourage individuals to live their life as they wish, maximising their self-belief and confidence. 

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Our Principles

Gold Achievers Care focuses on delivering expert care and support to clients who suffer from learning difficulties and Autism. We aim to become the best company in the UK and offer advanced support to people who encounter difficulties in daily life. By offering such a bespoke support package, we seek to integrate service users into the community, giving them their own independence and freedom of choice. 

All of us want to live our life to the fullest and achieve our goals in life. Those who have Autism and learning difficulties can encounter difficulty in social situations and interactions, often leading to them feeling isolated. Gold Achievers Care aims to boost their confidence and self-esteem and motivate them to get involved and celebrate their social lives. We ensure we offer our clients a tailored support package by taking their preferences into account. Keeping our service users at the core of everything we do ensures they receive a better perception of life and can establish genuine relationships.


Our well-trained and professional staff ensure Gold Achievers Care offers a safe and quality service. We ensure all our users receive the relevant, bespoke support package and feel connected and safe. 

All our services meet the safety and legal requirements for our sector. Our safety policy is applied by our regulation team and is consistently adhered to by staff.  Our specialist services and programmes have been approved by the required regulators and assurance staff, further ensuring we offer the best support. 

Our goal always has been to become the number one choice provider for people with Autism or learning difficulties. Safety and fire audits are regularly conducted by health and safety experts to ensure our state-of-the-art accommodation remains safe. This ensures maximum safety for both staff and clients using our service. 

Ensuring Your Safety and Compliance

Incident Management

Incident management is a crucial aspect of keeping our accommodation safe and secure. It allows us to identify potential hazards and implement preventative measures. With a specialised incident management team, we can assess risk and its impact on the service we provide. Through their expert guidance and knowledge, we ensure our accommodation is secure and preventative to any negative happenings.


Regulators and assurance staff regularly inspect Gold Achievers CareS services. With all our facilities meeting the national regulatory standards, Our Director of Compliance will monitor these services and assist us in achieving the best possible rates of compliance with regulatory standards.

Internal Inspection

We carry out internal inspections for sites at risk of non-compliance, with Compliance Inspectors conducting a complete analysis of the specific environment and monitoring it. They offer us solutions to make our facilities meet the specifications established by the law.

Compliance Inspector

The services we offer are regularly checked and analysed by Compliance Inspectors, who ensure all our facilities are in accordance with the national standards. In addition to this, they also offer their feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve our work and where we can make these improvements. This allows us to remain at the forefront of our sector.

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Why Should You Choose Gold Achievers Care?

Expert Professionals

Our quality of work makes us stand out from our competition. Our experienced professionals, who have vast practice working with people on the Autistic spectrum and with learning difficulties, ensure all our clients receive maximum levels of care and support adapted to their personal needs.

Superior Service

Supporting individuals in their personal development is as important as assisting them. We help them with everyday tasks, such as eating, dressing, and bathing, but elevate our care service through boosting their independence and thinking abilities. We want our clients to enjoy their independence and feel valued. We achieve this through making positive, constructive changes and looking towards a better future through providing education and job opportunities.

Complaint Management

To ensure the smooth running of our organisation, we always ensure our clients are satisfied, feel listened to and, most importantly, are happy. It’s no secret we work tirelessly to ensure the best. When a client or loved one comes to us with a query, we respond and offer a resolution as fast as possible. 

Our complaint management system addresses and resolves complaints as they arise. Complaints are always handled with discretion and professionalism, and people never have to wait long for a resolution.

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